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Overview of latex glove processing technology
Time: 2023-06-10

Latex gloves are a type of glove that is different from ordinary gloves and is produced and processed from latex. It is an essential arm protection equipment that can be applied in fields such as home, industrial production, diagnosis and treatment, beauty and skincare. The latex gloves are produced and processed using pure natural latex and other meticulous modifiers. The products have undergone unique surface treatment, making them comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, diagnosis and treatment, and daily life.

Vulcanized rubber was previously cut into pieces by a refiner, and then sent to a colloid solution cylinder to mix with gasoline for colloid solution. The colloidal solution is then mixed into an emulsion and then transferred into an underwater concrete emulsion intermediate tank. The vulcanized rubber aqueous solution of dissolved gasoline is sent from the top of the distillation equipment. After steam heating and Steam distillation, the light component gasoline is heated into liquid phase, and the gasoline vapor is mixed with cold water in the gas cooling tower and cooled. The water oil compound is then transferred to the oil gas separator, and the water oil is divided into layers. The top gasoline is purchased, and the lower water-based centrifugal water pump is sent to a closed cooling tower for refrigeration. After refrigeration, the vapor gasoline of the distillation equipment is cooled; The latex in the distillation equipment kettle is sent to the latex mixing tank according to its own working pressure for mixing, mixing, and then separated from the glove raw material latex by a centrifugal dehydrator. The latex is then colored, filtered, and used for backup.

The glove mock up is cleaned by strong acid and alkali and water. The cleaned mock up is soaked in boiling water and heated before being dipped in Adhesive and dried to develop polypropylene filament. Polypropylene filament is sent to a drying oven for basic air drying, with chemical fiber inner padding added, boiled water and then sent to a drying oven for vulcanizing rubber and air drying forming. After the glove is molded, it is inflated for inspection, ultra-low temperature setting, medium temperature drying, water cleaning, dehydration, air drying, and then packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse

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