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Water Based Printing Ink In Footwear Industry
Time: 2023-06-02

一、Product Features:

DOWONSOL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. water-based ink is a high adhesion water-based ink that is very suitable for screen printing on substrates such as fabrics and shoe materials. This product adopts an environmentally friendly formula, non-toxic and odorless, with no VOCS emissions, and meets national and international environmental standards.。

Product parameters:

Type: water-based screen printing ink

Light resistance: 3-8 levels

Fineness: 10um

Color: Customized (according to Pantone color number)

PH value: 8.5-9.5

Safety: Non flammable, non-toxic

Environmental standards: ROHS, REACH, SGS, CNAS

Printing machine: screen printing

Printing substrate: shoe material, fabric

Composite strength: strong

Packaging method: 5KG/20KG/200KG/barrel

Instructions for use: Before use, stir evenly to maintain consistency in the composition of water-based ink. To prevent dust from falling and skin from drying, if the remaining ink contains impurities, filter it first and then use it with new ink. Before using the machine, take an appropriate amount of ink to test the viscosity. It is recommended to print the viscosity for 8-12 seconds to better ensure the adaptability of water-based ink.

Main ingredients:

1. Connecting materials for water-based inks are mainly divided into two types: water dilution type and water dispersion type. There are many types of resins that can be used, but overall, water-soluble acrylic resin has better performance. Therefore, water-based inks will choose acrylic resin as the connecting material. Of course, depending on the printing material, polyurethane resin may also be used as the connecting material. The specific requirements depend on the performance of the connecting material, which directly determines the adhesion, heat resistance, water resistance, stability, etc. of water-based inks. The connecting material plays a decisive role in pigment transfer during printing and film protection after drying. Sometimes customers often report that water-based ink has been stored for a long time, causing sediment at the bottom of the barrel. In other cases, the printing can easily peel off after drying, resulting in a lack of gloss, etc. These are all caused by the use of low-quality connecting resin.

2. Pigments, pigments provide color requirements for printing. Multi element chemicals have a higher use of pigments than common water-based ink manufacturers in the market. The proportion of pigments exceeds 30%, and with a higher content of pigments, the color becomes thicker and heavier, without diluting the color. Many manufacturers can still print qualified color effects after purchasing Zhongxing's ink after excessive dilution, which is not advocated by us, Although excessive dilution can reduce certain costs, it will definitely reduce the performance of ink. It should be noted that when producing degradable water-based inks, the selection of pigments must meet the degradation requirements.

3. Other ingredients such as additives and water can be ignored due to their low content in water-based inks, especially in flexographic water-based inks with a content of around 1%. Commonly used additives include defoamers, fast drying agents, slow drying agents, and so on. Water is used for dilution, and only a small amount of water needs to be added after storage for a period of time to dilute.

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