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Matte Water Based Varnish
Water based anti-scratch matte varnish MW-6360

Professional Customization

The samples can be customized to meet customer requirements in terms of adhesion, blistering, wear resistance, performance, etc.

Product Description

Main Raw Material:
Solids content (%)
Product details
Application area
Waterborne polyurethane
Milky white liquid/
Liquid Coating
60-70 s
28% ±1% 
It can be coated on PVC matte film, recommended with our special water-based curing agent to improve the performance of the film.
Widely used in furniture processing industry, upholstery, decorative woodwork, doors, with excellent scratch resistance and soft touch
1. With Excellent scratch resistance and shallow scratch
2. Very low gloss, high dialysis
3.Widely used in PVC matte film surface anti-scraping treatment
4. hand feeling : silky touch effect
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