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Thickener GPU-513

Professional Customization

The samples can be customized to meet customer requirements in terms of adhesion, blistering, wear resistance, performance, etc.

Product Description

 Product application scope
 Associative polyurethane thickeners for various aqueous systems

TypeNonionic polyurethane
AppearanceTransparent to light yellow liquid
Solids    content(%)30±1
SolventWater, dipropylene glycol butyl ether

Product features
1. It does not contain organic tin, APEO and other harmful components
2. Relatively high thixotropy and strong shear thinning characteristics
3. Avoid sinking
4. Wide range of pH applications

GPU-513 is a Nonionic polyurethane thickener, which can increase the medium and low shear viscosity of waterborne polyurethane system, improve the thixotropy of coatings, and achieve the balance of medium and low shear viscosity.

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