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Cross-Linking Agent
Cross-Linking Agent DWA-9001

Professional Customization

The samples can be customized to meet customer requirements in terms of adhesion, hardness, gel time, etc.

Product Description

Product application scope
Water dispersible isocyanate curing agent
Type: Hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanates based on hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
Supply form:Solvent free
Purpose: As a hardener component of waterborne two-component polyurethane system and as an additive for the performance of waterborne coatings.

Product specification

characteristicnumerical value Unit of measurement test method
NCO content17.4±0.5%DIN EN ISO 11 909
Viscosity, 23    ° C2800±800mPasDIN EN ISO 3219/A.3
Color value    (Hazen)≤ 60 DIN EN 1557
Free HDI    monomer≤ 0.15%DIN EN ISO 10 283

Other data*characteristic

characteristicnumerical value Unit of    measurement test method
Viscosity, 25    ℃About 2500mPa·sDIN EN ISO 3219/A.3
equivalentAbout 241  
densityAbout 1.16g/mlDIN EN ISO 2811
flash point> two hundred and fifty℃ DIN EN 22 719
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