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Cross-Linking Agent
Cross-Linking Agent DWA-9002

Professional Customization

The sample can be customized to meet the customer's adhesion requirements on special substrates.

Product Description

Product application scope
silane coupling agent
This product is a coupling agent used to improve the adhesion of organic resin to inorganic surface

● for various surface treatments and coupling agent applications
● used as adhesion promoter for a variety of resins
● compatible with a variety of resins and fillers
● improved adhesion
● improve composite strength
● improve dry / wet tensile strength and modulus of composites
● improve the dry / wet bending strength and modulus of composites
● improve dry / wet compressive strength
● better appearance
● good filler wetting and dispersion
● Lower filling liquid resin viscosity
● better processing performance, expiration date and storage period

Validity and storage period
When stored in original unopened containers at 25℃(77OF) or below, the shelf life of this product is three6 months from the date of production.
After the package is opened, avoid contact with water in the air to produce back glue.

Packing specification
The Packing specification of this product is 20KG and 200KG.

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