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Cross-Linking Agent
Cross-Linking Agent DWA-9013

Professional Customization

The sample can be customized to meet the response intensity of the customer's different systems, anti -gel, etc.

Product Description

Scope of application
Aziridine crosslinking agent

Technical index
Appearance:Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Solid content: & gt; 99%
Methyl aziridine group content: 6.16 mol / kg
Viscosity: 150 ~ 250cp @ 25 ℃
Density: 1.08kg/l @ 20 ℃ freezing point: - 15 ℃
Boiling point range: far greater than 200 ℃ (polymerization)
Solubility: completely dissolved in water, alcohol, ketone, unitary and other normal solvents;

Recommended use:
Improve the water resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of leather coating; Improve the water resistance, viscosity resistance and high temperature resistance of water-based printing coating; Improve the water resistance and detergent resistance of water-based ink;

Water resistance, alcohol resistance, detergent resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance can be improved in water-based parquet floor paint;

Water resistance, alcohol resistance and viscosity resistance can be improved in waterborne industrial paint; The migration of plasticizer can be reduced and the stain resistance can be improved in vinyl coatings; In waterborne cement sealantimprovementIts wear resistance; It can generally improve the adhesion of aqueous system on non porous substrate.

Use and toxicity:
The addition of 1-3% is usually the solid content of the emulsion. When the pH value of the emulsion is added at 8~9, it is better to avoid using it in acid medium (pH = 7). This product is mainly cross-linked with the carboxyl group in the emulsion, and can react with the amino group and hydroxyl group under strong acid catalysis. Therefore, it is possible to use the non proton organic base when adjusting the pH value of the emulsion.

This product can be crosslinked at room temperature, but the baking effect is better at 60-80 degrees;

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