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Waterborne Polyurethane Resin In The Clothing Industry
Time: 2023-06-02

Waterborne polyurethane resin is an elastic polymer composed of flexible segment high molecular polyether and rigid segment low molecular weight Carbamate based block copolymerization. This resin does not contain formaldehyde and has good film-forming property and elasticity. It is expected to endow the fabric with certain wrinkle resistance, improve the fabric strength, greatly improve the anti wrinkle recovery angle and wear resistance of the finishing, and give the fabric a good feel Various fibers such as polyester and viscose are effective. Natural fiber fabrics have regained popularity due to their advantages of softness, comfort, breathability, and good moisture absorption. However, due to the tendency to wrinkle and the need for ironing after washing, it is necessary to carry out anti wrinkle and non ironing finishing on the fabric. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people, countries have become increasingly strict in their restrictions on formaldehyde release from textiles. Therefore, reducing formaldehyde release from fabrics has become one of the hotspots in the research of non ironing finishing.

At present,DOWONSOL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has successfully applied water-based polyurethane to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Practice has shown that it can endow fabrics with excellent softness, fullness, washing resistance, wear resistance, good rebound, smoothness, good hand feel, and anti-static properties. Therefore, the research and application of water-based polyurethane in the textile industry has been widely and rapidly developed.

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